Preserved products, produced in Buzău. Expect nothing but success for every meal and joy around the table.

Production in Fabrica Legume Fructe Buzău has became traditional in important recipe aspects, but its spirit is young and modern. Along the time, the factory has raised its technological implementation standards, has received competences and updated its overall workflows, it built strong collaborations that today ensure the shelf share in the category of preserved products country-wide.

  • Natural products, no preservatives and no artificial colors
  • Romanian traditional recipes
  • Superior nutritional values due to simple processing through pasteurization and sterilization
  • High quality standards implemented throughout the production line
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Along the 30 years since it opened, Fabrica Legume Fructe Buzău remained loyal to the Romanian traditional recipes.

Progress has been determined by modernizing production and widening of the portfolio, in a way that we can ensure meals that are full of taste for Romanians and other people, alike. We would be proud to know that, at any given moment, in every Romanian kitchen there’s at least one product from the heart of the country, from Buzău.

Here’s what we offer:


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There is a time of maturation and a time of harvesting. We appreciate nature’s rhythm and we know that even for the simplest products, the selection of the raw materials is essential to quality.

Food safety is ensured through the allignment, optimizing and the maintaining of quality for products, in line with the legislation today and the requirements of customers.


Protecting the environment through reducing resources consumption (materials, fuel and energy) and through sustainability in resource management. Prevention politics against polution due to production processes and activities. Keeping under control the waste resulted.