Dinamici, dedicați, la Fabrica Legume Fructe Buzău ne propunem să bucurăm, prin gust bogat, fiecare masă a românilor.

Production in Fabrica Legume Fructe Buzău has became traditional in important recipe aspects, but its spirit is young and modern. Along the time, the factory has raised its technological implementation standards, has received competences and updated its overall workflows, it built strong collaborations that today ensure the shelf share in the category of preserved products country-wide.

  • Natural products, no preservatives and no artificial colors
  • Romanian traditional recipes
  • Superior nutritional values due to simple processing through pasteurization and sterilization
  • High quality standards implemented throughout the production line
green-field kid-with-tomatoes


The mission of Legume Fructe Buzău is keeping the tradition of Romanian taste in balance with the technological progress and industry know-how that we assimilate to our company.


Seriousness and consistency in the production process, distribution towards clients and in cooking experiences for the consumers. Quality is the promise that stands apart, to which we are loyal.

Progress based on sustainability. Growth needs to be sustainable and achieved through strong relationships with both our providers and our clients. The production capacity and the technology in our factory can support the growth in orders, but beyond scalability, the name Legume Fructe Buzău is to be synonimous with well done products, with authentic taste, with no compromise.


1970 - 1978

Building the factory in Buzău, close to vegetable fields


The first production year with a capacity of up to 4.500 tones of tomatoes/year


New and performant equipment, aquired from Italy


Aquiring of a new processing line


Aquiring of a new bottling line through EU funds

2011 - 2014

Equipping the factory with new technologies for sterilizing products and processing the raw materials. Aquiring a new line of production for diced tomatoes and mashed tomatoes

The factory trippled its production for tomatoes based products, such as diced tomatoes and peeled whole tomatoes, mashed tomatoes and tomato juice

2020 - 2021

The factory produces for private labels and distributes its own brands in TT and KA: Rossa’C, Ferma Veche and the newly launched premium brand, Altceva.

For the future, the company wishes to implement new products to enlarge
the products portfolio and the growth of the general processing capacity.